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Wholesale to Retail


-Helping you translate market purchases into retail sales and higher profits.
- Merchandising suggestions, styling tips for customers, media content for advertising, retail knowledge and experience.
- Connections with similar stores around the US in order to trade ideas.

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Market Research

Critical Market Awareness

- Research the global market for your specific store needs. Including Designer Sportswear, Contemporary Sportswear, Accessories and Shoes.
- Attend New York trade shows for apparel, accessories, and gifts. 
- Shop all major stores and boutiques to learn of new resources and merchandising ideas.
- Attend New York fashion shows for styling ideas and inspiration.

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Securing Vendors

Market Connections

- Preview and select the best collections of the current season.
- Identify and meet with emerging designers.
- Build relationships and arrange trunk shows and store appearances.
- Represent and protect your store’s interests by establishing exclusive arrangements with vendors.

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Trend Analytics

One Step Ahead

- Track and predict fashion trends using professional fashion publications, historical data and sales reports, major fashion blogs, top stylist reports, and all social media outlets.
- Understand Being fully immersed in the New York fashion market on a day to day basis places us in a pivotal position to understand the past, present, and future of every available market.

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Organize and Plan Itineraries

- Tailor your appointments to your individual and specific needs so you do not waste any time when you are in New York.
- Fulfill immediate store needs by reviewing lines and writing necessary orders, adding additional profits.

If you have any questions about our services or if you have specific needs not listed above please feel free to contact us.

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